Cloud-based Wireless Infrastructure Management Solution

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Cloud-based Wireless Infrastructure Management Solution

The customer, a premier and leading provider of Wireless temperature monitoring solutions for hospitals, food-chain and cold storage.


The customer required a centralised solution to configure, manage and monitor wireless devices installed at all customers premises


The Limestone team has built a flexible and unique, web based, cloud management platform to build, manage, monitor, configure and control the entire WiFi Mesh network remotely. Simple and user-friendly web based solution which eliminates training and dedicated staff to manage the network.


Automated provisioning
Remote Configuration & Management
Access to data in Remote location
Improved Reliability
Minimised Downtime
Improved Customer Service
Scalable Solution


All global customer locations now act as one big virtual network on an underlying network that is both stable and available

Centralised management and zero-touch deployment has significantly reduced administration overheads and operational cost


PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySql.